101 Things

  1. I stole the idea for this list from Suburban Mum.
  2. Two has always been my favourite number. Why the hell do I have a favourite number?! I have no idea why.
  3. I lived in Seoul, South Korea when I was 5 for 2 years.
  4. Apparently I came back to Canada with a British accent as I had attended a British school and we spent a lot of time with British and Canadian expats.
  5. I lived in England from August 2002 to October 2006.
  6. I didn’t come back with a British accent, but I sort of had a lilt in my voice.
  7. I don’t remember a lot about living in South Korea. My mother says that Korean locals used to be in awe over my blonde hair, and used to touch it.
  8. My hair is no longer blonde. It’s sort of mousy brown but usually has some colour or highlights in it.
  9. I envy my husband and both my sons for their dark and long eyelashes.
  10. People always comment on my bright blue eyes.
  11. I personally almost never notice the colour of someone’s eyes. What colour are my husband’s eyes? I have no idea.
  12. My husband and I both have grandmothers called Ivy.
  13. Our other two grandmothers share the name Grace, but one has it as their middle name.
  14. My dog can do somersaults when trying to bite her butt. You know, when it’s itchy. Aren’t dogs lovely.
  15. Piper (the dog) is named after a kind of airplane.
  16. My husband is an avid pilot of small planes.
  17. I don’t like flying in small planes; I liken it to being in a dingy in an ocean.  I’d rather be on a cruise ship.
  18. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life. A good friend tried to get me to smoke some tea (literally, herbal tea rolled in paper) once when I was like 18 or something, on my request, and I seriously have a an effective block – I could NOT physically bring myself to do it. Good job, parents!
  19. For a while I did used to hang out in the smoking section in high school, though, so I’m sure I got enough second hand.
  20. My favourite word is mellifluous.
  21. My favourite holidays involve visiting ruins. I’m so glad that I got a chance to visit Greece and Egypt while I lived in the UK. I hope to see Italy (south of Rome; I’ve already covered north of Rome) and Turkey at some point in the future. Mayan ruins would be cool, too.
  22. Our family did a LOT of traveling when I was little; the number of countries I’ve been to has always been a source of pride.
  23. I’ve barely seen any of Canada, though – I haven’t been farther east than Ottawa ever.
  24. I lived outside of Vancouver, BC from 1984 to 1988, and I haven’t been out west since.
  25. My maternal grandmother is from Barbados, born and raised. We can trace our family tree back to like the 1600’s or something on the island. So I’m pretty much related to everyone Bajan.
  26. I’ve been to Barbados many, many times. It’s lovely to go in the winter, and visit with my mother’s many cousins and other family. Just not sure when we’ll go again with the two small boys.
  27. My maternal grandmother is an amazing cook who makes the best comfort food, and I think that has translated into my own “food = love” belief, which is both helpful (for feeding my family, for us sitting down to home cooked meals) and detrimental (let’s not talk about the scales).
  28. The most effective diet I’ve ever been on is to be pregnant. I get really sick, lose lots of weight and crave fresh fruit salad. Right after both boys were born, I could fit into clothes I couldn’t fit into BEFORE pregnancy.
  29. I can’t say no to baked goods. I need to learn how.
  30. I really don’t like Mark’s cat, Piglet, who I’ve lived with for 5 6 years. And he knows it. So he won’t ask me to feed him, he’d rather starve until Mark gets home.
  31. I actually really like loads of other animals, even some cats!
  32. I can’t stand eating sandwiches with butter or margarine on them. I have no problem eating said condiments on hot toast or fresh bread.
  33. I really like the colour orange. It makes me happy.
  34. I would really like to know how to knit and sew.
  35. I love to cook, and would even consider changing careers to become a caterer or something, but I worry that I’d start to hate cooking.
  36. I feel human only after having 2 cups of coffee in the morning.
  37. I think coffee tastes better when my husband makes it for me. Cream and sugar, thank you.
  38. I am very good at saving money.
  39. I am a sucker for a bargain; if something is marked down in price considerably and it’s vaguely useful, I can’t help myself, gotta buy it.
  40. I carry no credit card debt.  Maybe I will in the future.
  41. I’ve never had a mortgage.  Maybe I never will.
  42. We bought our house with cash; it helps to have sold a house in England in a very overpriced market.
  43. I watch too much television.
  44. I love Facebook. (edited – It’s okay. I don’t love it anymore) I am really nosy, so it’s great to find out what old school mates are up to.
  45. When I moved to England, I had a major celebrity crush on Colin Firth.
  46. I ended up having a photo taken with him at an event, and saw him many times at film premieres that I either attended or stood outside for.
  47. I think I’m over it now.
  48. Perhaps I married a Brit (Mark) for that reason.
  49. Probably not, because he doesn’t look or sound anything like Colin Firth.
  50. I didn’t learn to drive until I was like 23. I never wanted to learn, but eventually I had to.
  51. I now enjoy driving, for the most part.
  52. I currently drive a Volvo XC90. I like it. (edited to add – except for the fact it has cost me a gazillion dollars in repairs. Argh.)
  53. My husband drives a VW Touareg. I don’t like driving it; it’s like a tank.
  54. I have guilt about our family’s footprint on the environment right now. However, I feel like I can’t do a lot about that. We’ll do better in a few years.
  55. I don’t like champagne but I love Asti. And it’s a lot cheaper. Sainsbury’s Asti is my favourite.
  56. When I’m upset or mad, I get quiet.
  57. I’m competitive and hate to lose at board games. I will probably make sure I always beat my children at games because I am evil.
  58. I cry way too easily at cheesy stuff on television.
  59. As much as I love having a dishwasher, I actually enjoy washing some kitchen items by hand. In fact, I sort of love it. (Don’t tell Mark)
  60. I don’t like to feel out of control in any situation.
  61. I don’t wear makeup very often. But I should.
  62. I don’t lose things very often; I have a little bit of a photographic memory and almost always remember where things are.
  63. My husband, who loses his glasses/keys/credit cards/etc. on a daily basis, generally benefits from my accurate memory.
  64. I get really upset when I feel like my intelligence is being questioned.
  65. As I only really ever had my ‘smarts’ (and not my looks), don’t insult my brain!
  66. I did really well at school and university – when I could be bothered to do assignments. Sometimes, I just didn’t want to.
  67. I always prefer to email someone rather than call them.
  68. I love gas stations where you can pay at the pump.
  69. So, I guess sometimes I am a misanthrope.
  70. My husband is 11.5 years older than me.
  71. I have a brother who is 3 years younger than me.
  72. I don’t like being fussed over, or being the centre of attention; I find it really embarrassing.
  73. I tend to follow the rules.
  74. I don’t really like to take baths. It’s the idea of sitting in a stew of your own dirt. I prefer to shower.
  75. I would, however, love to have a whirlpool bath or hot tub in this house.
  76. There is a sauna in our basement. We’ll probably never use it.
  77. My husband is an engineer, but I’m normally the one who knows how to use the technology (e.g. computer/television/DVR/etc.).
  78. I played the clarinet in school.
  79. I sort of wish I had kept it up sometimes.
  80. I also played soccer and basketball when I was little. I should have continued doing some kind of sport.
  81. Now my daily workout involves chasing Oliver and Callum around the house.
  82. I skipped grade 2 when we moved back to Canada from South Korea as I had already learned a lot of the curriculum.
  83. I repeated grade 6 when we moved to Ontario from British Columbia as I hated being the youngest person in my class and I wanted to be in the ‘right’ year again.
  84. My new teacher agreed to this as long as he was able to give me some extra challenging work, which he did.
  85. Mr. Allison was an extremely tough teacher, but fair – and very memorable.
  86. I always thought growing up that I was going to be a school teacher.
  87. I went to university still thinking I was going to become a teacher.
  88. I majored in English literature and then discovered that I hated university English lit classes.
  89. I freaked out because changing my concentration meant changing my entire career path.
  90. But it worked out.
  91. I ended up in Communications, more like critical media studies.
  92. It was really interesting but I didn’t know where I was going with it.
  93. One summer, I took a job working at a summer camp for adults with developmental disabilities.
  94. I knew then what I wanted to end up doing – social services.
  95. I then completed a Masters degree in Social Work.
  96. My original goal on entering that program was to work in public policy around people with developmental disabilities.
  97. The job I got on my return to Canada basically fulfilled that goal.
  98. I really enjoy working for the government.
  99. I would love to go back to university to do my PhD. But I don’t think I am able to write ‘academically’ (e.g. well, and not chatty) anymore.
  100. I still feel like a little kid even though I am married, have two kids, a house and a car.
  101. It’s really difficult to write 101 things about myself!  I had to cheat and read loads of other lists to get inspired.

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  1. Mommy Said What? Says:

    When you get over #23, come visit.

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