steamy city

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

It’s too hot here already and it’s only mid May. Of course, however, everyone in London cynically says that this week could be it for summer. This country suffers from not having the four distinct seasons we get in Canada. In the UK, you just don’t know what you are going to get at any time of the year.

But for now, it’s gross. The tube is the worst. And air conditioning just doesn’t exist so you walk around never quite feeling fresh except when you are lucky enough to catch a breeze somewhere.

Busy week at work as it’s Adult Learner’s Week (exhibiting some batik work done in my community courses), and am doing some teaching too, on how to vote in the local elections here next month.

We bought a new bathroom last night which I am really excited about as I want to gut this house, and it’s a start. The original bath and sink and tiles from like the 1940’s are still here and they need to go! We got a relatively cheap suite, but upgraded to some better taps for a fancier touch. And we are going to cover the walls in large white tiles but put some kind of band of mosaic through it. Haven’t bought the rest of the stuff yet, will do that when we know when B&Q are delivering it. There is loads to do in the house and at least for once we are not just planning it out, we are going to do it very soon!

Emma and Mark from Wales are going to be in London tomorrow so hopefully we will arrange to meet up at least for dinner tomorrow night.

I am bummed since I found out only today about Rufus Wainwright and his family playing here next week, and it’s completely sold out. Apparently there might be some returns but I don’t think I will be very lucky. He’s actually fairly well known here, which is great for him but not so good for me!

Crap, am missing Eastenders! Gotta run to tv.

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