Nanny McPhooey

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Still warm here, still hasn’t rained. And just when I finally get some dirt under my fingernails and want it to rain on my nice herbs and tomatoes! We are growing basil, coriander, thyme, wild rocket, mint, sage and more. They are looking pretty good too. I never started growing anything from seed before.

So I took a little trip out to try to find the set of ‘Nanny McPhee’, which is Colin Firth and Emma Thompson’s latest movie, filming in a little town not too far away from here called Penn Street. But we got all the way out there and it was closed and I was scared off by people guarding the entrance so I chickened out and we went to a pub instead. Oh well. I have now seen Colin loads of times around London, so I am not actually all that disappointed, but it would have been cool to see. And Emma T. too.

Putting in new bathroom this weekend which is very exciting, and Mark actually put the house on the market yesterday. He says he is testing the waters to see if he gets any offers at a high asking price. I say NO ONE is going to buy this place, there is too much work to be done! So we are at least starting to do the work now.

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