you shall know our velocity

Thursday, May 27, 2004

This morning, in the free paper on the tube, the Metro (very high quality newspaper, ha ha), there was a whole feature on Canadian cuisine! Excellent. I actually asked Mark yesterday if he would be willing to skip off work one day next week for a 2 course lunch for £40 at Fortnum & Mason (the Queen’s grocer of course, you know) cooked by the head chef from the Royal York. It’s some special thing in conjunction with an exhibit of Inuit art. But alas I don’t think we’re going. We probably would if it was a weekend.

We picked some decent tiles last night for the new bathroom, after much debate. I think they will be okay. It’s more important that we make it look good for potential buyers anyway, not for ourselves.

Current good read on the tube to and from work: another brilliant book by Dave Eggers, called You Shall Know Our Velocity.

Great quote: But I was getting tired. We needed to get out of the water before we mistook it for a bed. I was sure that was how people drowned; not with a fight, not with thrashing but with thoughts of rest.

I have always thought that!

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