uk licence

Friday, May 28, 2004

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) in this country is REALLY dumb. They have figured out that most Canadians drive automatics, and so have restricted Canadians driving in the UK to only automatic cars unless you can prove with documentation that you passed your Canadian test on a manual car.

HOWEVER, they have not clued up to graduated licencing. I exchanged a G2 Ontario licence for a full UK licence! ha ha! The best part is that my G2 was going to expire this October, meaning if I didn’t take a full G test in Ontario, I was going to be reduced to a G1 again. And now if I go back to Canada, I can either get a G2 or a G licence automatically by exchanging my shiny new one (depending on how many year’s driving experience I get here). I just got it today.

So alas Mark’s car is manual. But at least I can drive a moped or a quad bike in the UK legally! Not that I am planning to.

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