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new mantra: I should not eat a scone or drink hot chocolate as an afternoon boost

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well thank god the Conservatives did not win, no matter what happened…

I wasn’t going to apply for our team manager’s job posting that came up, but Mark convinced me last night that maybe I should reconsider as (a) my current acting boss wants me to apply and said when I wasn’t going to that I was the standard to which other applicants will be judged! and (b) it could look good for the future, such as for going back to Canada, that I have been promoted to supervise my team and more. Well I am not convinced I want it, but the deadline was today and I very hastily put an application together. I wanted to talk to my boss more about it but she isn’t available today. We’ll see what happens. It’s much less pressure than when I applied for this job, of course, as if I don’t get it, I don’t really care as I am actually pretty happy with where my postion is going currently. Am not going to freak out or worry cause I wasn’t even going to go for it, and was happy not to.

England is out of the football (Euro 2004) so now everyone is focussed on Henman at Wimbledon…

Nightmare tomorrow – 24 hour tube strike, which actually starts after work tonight. I am going to have to take like 3 buses to get to work, and it could take me 2-3 hours to get in depending on what the roads are like. And they are likely to be bad as everyone will be driving or bussing it! I should take a day off but I have an important meeting.

Canada Day in 2 days, trying to make some plans with Dena as to what we should do. There is cake at Canada House and more as the evening progresses. This year I have some Roots gear my aunt and uncle bought me that I would not normally be caught dead in, but it’s perfect for the occasion.

We saw Harry Potter on Saturday night finally, god the dementors are scary in that! Much more than my limited imagination made them reading the books.

We did a BIG ikea shop last night – hurray! Managed to get a few things to make the house look better for selling presentation (when that comes, one day) and also some stuff for the new bathroom – mirror, glass shelf and little chest of drawers for storage.