diy sucks

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Just think of the British slang you can learn from me!

diy = the ‘do it yourself’ addiction that Brits have for home renovation, including 50 million television shows on the subject, and unfortunately the bodge-it jobs that come with it. ‘Bodge it’ means screw it up. Badly.

Our house is a pit – there is no toilet and no sink upstairs, but luckily there is another set downstairs. The old tub is still in, but you can’t really use it much as we need to wait for the walls to dry as the plasterer came today to fix them up so we can tile them. Except Mark is out tonight, we are both out Thursday night at Canadian Comedy Nite at Canada House, and we are supposed to be going to the Isle of Wight on Saturday (Mark flying his plane) if the weather is good. So this is going to take forever for everything to be done.

I feel bad for the tenants, Liesle and Klaudia really. I can live with it since I am doing it, but they don’t have a choice!

It’s half term, which is a school break here, which means that loads of my co-workers are on holiday this week (mostly if they have kids) and for me means I have a nice ‘leisurely’ week. Well if no courses are running and no one needs me for anything, it’s not my fault if some of my time might be better spent supervising the building site!

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