I am a bad blogger

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

You know, it really sucks not having internet access at home right now. I just don’t have the time at work to do this blog thing justice. Mark said he was going to sort it out before he went, and of course it’s still busted!

Last night I actually watched the footie at a pub and cheered when England won. There is seriously something wrong with me. Okay the story does get a little more understandable when you realise I was at the Canadian pub eating poutine and wings with two girlfriends, but still. Everyone is really happy here about them getting to the semi finals of Euro 2004, and probably still will be even if Tim Henman screws up at Wimbledon. Haven’t had yummy yummy poutine in ages and it caught up with me a bit…ugh.

Saturday I did a marathon day with Dena – met her at 9am at Borough Market for breakfast and great foodie shopping, then we walked all over the place, ended up shopping for bras in Marks and Spencers at Oxford Circus like 6 hours later. I felt jet lagged when I got home!

The cat has been super whingey in Mark’s absence (missing him more than I am!!) and he is driving me a bit mental. Although I got some revenge by accidentally pouring flour all over his head the other day. And he is still a bit greyer than usual (being pure black normally).

Work is busy and getting busier. I am going to be needing my August holiday by the time it arrives, if I make it there…

Happy Birthday to Christine in Ottawa, cancer girl.

Back to the grindstone…

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