cherry picker

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Am sitting at my desk eating yummy cherries and killing some time. I have to work late tonight as I promised to visit a group of volunteers doing painting and decorating training to talk about education opportunities from 5-7 tonight. But I get a free curry out of it, and for doing my normal job they are giving my work £200 that I am hoping to earmark for some other good stuff, so what the hell.

I did manage to register to vote in the federal elections, and yesterday sent off my special ballot. It’s interesting, as I was registered to vote in Oshawa, that they don’t send you a ballot with the candidates on it. In fact you have to determine who your local candidates are for whatever party and write in their name beside ‘I VOTE FOR______’ on this little slip of paper they send. Then you put it in about 700 different envelopes for security purposes and mail it off. Funnily enough the Liberal candidate for Oshawa has actually bothered to send me pamphlets in the mail. TOO BAD LADY.

I also voted here so I am really living trans-Atlantically right now. Thankfully the right mayoral candidate won for London (Red Ken!)so I think all will be okay here. And Labour got pummelled in the rest of the elections across the country so perhaps Tony will start re-thinking the path he is on right now. So NOT a popular guy.

How cool – just announced that Canadian director Atom Egoyan’s next project features Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth and starts filming in Toronto at the end of the summer, moving then to London. Sounds like a great story too. So much talent – ah, it’ll probably all go pear-shaped.

In case you don’t know what pear-shaped means…

+ It has largely been put into circulation by the BBC police series The Bill and research indicates that it began life as London East End (or cockney) slang.

+ It probably comes from the notion of a circle gone wrong. A circle is a perfect shape, anything which is clearly not perfect is “a circle gone wrong” – or, in other words, “gone all pear shaped”. (thanks to Google for good research results as per usual)

2 Responses to “cherry picker”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    so, who’d you vote for? 😉

  2. emmainlondon Says:

    For the NDP who came very close to winning in Oshawa but alas did not!

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