happy canada day

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Just spending some time at work basically before I head off to Canada House for the start of the evening’s festivities. Not sure if we are going to meet up with Dena, but at least Mark is going to meet me. I am wearing my roots t with CANADA in big letters, and he’s got new Canada flag cufflinks I just bought him (was going to wait to give as a gift in December, but realised they would be useful today!) and he’s also brought this terrible tie my mother bought him but maybe he won’t put it on!

I think first there is some singing and stuff at Canada House, then cake (excellent, always looking for an excuse to eat cake) and then supergarage are performing. There are the normal festivities in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden where the Maple Leaf Pub is, but I also understand there is a pub near Victoria (near my work) owned by a Canadian that is serving kraft dinner and more tonight. Actually that would be exciting except we had that for dinner on Monday as Em brought me some back from Canada with her, and they came down from Wales to London last weekend. Mmm it was good.

Just spent some time before lunch doing a math practice test of all things. There is a push at work to make sure that staff are okay on the numeracy bit as we are trying to do a lot of basic skills teaching (such as literacy but maths too). I signed up to take a proper test on Monday at level 2 which is quite basic, and I just struggled with all kinds of things doing it! No recollection whatsoever how to do ratios or volume! Luckily about 34 of the 40 questions were pretty straightforward. I don’t want to look like a dork when I fail this thing. Although I suppose it won’t affect my job! And hey we get lunch and wine after taking it, so what the heck.

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