All systems go

Saturday, July 3, 2004

Thank god, after like 2 hours on the phone with technical support today (for a price) I have fixed our internet access at home! Hurray!

And to celebrate, a little test to see if this works…

Hurray again!!!

We had a great Canada Day this week – and turns out they wrote an article about the London festivities in the Toronto Star! Not sure how much longer they will have it online, but it’s here for now. I need to remember to tell my mother – the terrible maple leaf tie she got Mark last year was a COMPLETE hit – even the High Commissioner himself commented on it! Mark got so many people stopping him about it, it was hilarious. We started at Canada House, had cake and free booze (Moosehead and Niagara wine of course), made our way over to Maiden Lane, where we indulged in root beer, dill pickle chips and hickory sticks, and ended up escaping from the crowd in a Thai restaurant. Thankfully I spotted Dena somehow among the thousands and we did hang out for a while.

Not much happening this weekend – Mark has been tiling. Forever tiling. I wasted like most of the day on the phone fixing the internet. I have been consumed by the latest series of Big Brother here – it’s just compelling. I have never understood the interest before, but this year they have a transexual, several gay men, a guy who grooms for like 1 hour a day in the mirror including shaving all body hair, and so much more. Otherwise I hung some pictures, tended to my plants and cooked a big dinner. Tried a Nigella recipe I hadn’t made before – Za’tar Chicken With Fatoush Salad. God I love her summer cookbook. I think between Maria and myself we have made just about everything in that book (and thanks to Maria for bequething me her za’tar seasoning when she moved back to the US!). I have many cookbooks where I have been lucky to make just one of the recipes! But Nigella is a goddess. And her whisk is the best tool in my kitchen

We barbequed the chicken, and so I also got a chance to use my new BBQ frying pan from Lakeland, perfect for grilling vegetables without having them fall through the rack. They went well with the couscous I made too. Summer food rules.

If I don’t go now, I am going to get sucked into staying on this thing all night!

Good night…

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