is it time to go home yet?

Thursday, July 8, 2004

I am just much too busy at work lately, and now I have to deal with an all-day assessment on Monday and then an interview Tuesday morning for this manager’s job that I am not really sure I even want! However I had a good talk with my acting-down manager today that I should just go with the experience of it, and so if we get someone external hired who is brilliant, everyone will be happy. I won’t have to do more work for the same pay, but will have the experience of a serious interview process. And the new manager will have to deal with all the BS!

Lots of people are leaving WAES too, people that I like working with, which is a shame. The place is pretty messed up though. We are lucky on our team as I think we are shielded from a lot of the bad stuff.

Mark is avoiding the tiling by doing other stuff around the house. Last night it was doing the electrics and installing a light. We got a huge bargain on a dining room light the other day – £20 for something that could have cost £80+ – and although it’s not pefect it’s not bad to make the place look a little better, and we don’t want to spend a lot of money on stuff like that if we are possibly going to emigrate. It’s sort of like C$cip=12150>C$cip=12153&categoryId=12153″>this. Not as nice as Grace and Jay’s in Kitchener though! Too bad the rest of the room is a pit :). Apparently he is back on the tiling tonight though. We’ll see if we ever have a bathroom up and running again…

Weather has been MISERABLE. I like the cooler temp, but the wind, lightening and torrential downpour for the past 2 days has been a bit much.

Better go – have to prepare for a presentation for the interview. I don’t have time! And I have to work on Saturday too! Argh!

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