it’s a sneezy thursday

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Haven’t been very good at updating this lately, but have been very busy on something on the old website – will post that on here soon, and something to mail out to people.

Since we got back from Canada on the 15th, I don’t know what we’ve been doing, but I feel like we’ve been very occupied. Work is quiet with most of the college staff on holiday, but I haven’t been as bored as I was last summer. Last week I did a day of ‘Moving into Management’ training, eek!

We just got a new roommate in the house when Klaudia moved out to live with her boyfriend, and now Liesle is doing the same – it’s high turnover around there.

Mark’s sister Liz and her partner Myles came over on Monday. Myles was brilliant and fixed our internet connection that has been acting up since we upgraded to 1Mb broadband, and gave me some good inkjet printer tips (I need to use it for the aforementioned projects). I made everyone dinner and most excellently used a bunch of produce from our own yard – homemade pesto with our basil, loads of our parsley in this veggie rice dish thing, and roasted plums from our tree for dessert. The yard is FULL of pears and plums that have fallen – unfortunately I think the pear tree has some disease so we won’t be using those. I’ve also found some internet tips on what to do with fresh sage leaves, besides cooking with them (brilliant in Italian dishes like a chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes thing that I did the other day) – I’ve put some in olive oil in the fridge that will apparently keep for 2 months. I will also dry some, and freeze some. I also have a recipe for plum jam so we can relieve the plum tree of more of its burden!

The night before we were at the National Film Theatre for the ‘Trauma’ screening and question and answer session with Colin Firth and Marc Evans (the director) – it was great. Lasted like an hour, they were both in a really good mood and very reflective on the movie. Marc Evans is seriously seperated at birth from the other Welsh Mark I know – Mark Stephens – they have the same clothes, accent, are the same age, look the same, talk in the same cadence, are both very knowledgeable about art and the world, it was crazy! We are going to see Mark and Emma in Wales the first weekend in September so I have to tell him all about his long lost relative.

Back to my coffee. Ooh great foo fighters song on the radio.

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