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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dena is staying with us right now for a few days, since she got back from her European adventure on Monday. She’s done at LSE now, and is leaving to go home to Toronto next week, but it’s good to have someone with my accent around! Last night we had girl’s night in (Mark was out) and rented like three movies and made ourselves a good dinner. We watched Jersey Girl, which I had really wanted to see. I have to say, in the whole Kevin Smith oeuvre, it’s pretty mediocre. Not as bad as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, not as good as Mallrats. It’s definitely a North American sense of humour, though – he don’t do well here and Mark wouldn’t understand any of it. We still have Secretary and something else… hmm I don’t remember now… to watch before Thursday night return time.

The three of us are meeting Mark’s dad near Holborn station for dinner tonight. Leaving in like 15 minutes to go from work.

Mark and I are going to another taping of Bremner Bird and Fortune. It’s almost like This Hour Has 22 Minutes – except not in a news bulletin format. But just as funny, and funny little sketches and stuff. We went last year; Rory Bremner is really brilliant, he does most of the hosting and crowd organising. Films at Wembley not far from home.

On Saturday, it’s off to visit another caterer, this time in Harrow. Sounds a lot more reasonable in price than the last one. And on Sunday it’s a whole National Wedding Show at Earl’s Court to steal expensive ideas and turn them into cheap ones!

Loads coming up actually: we’re going to see Cloaca at the Old Vic directed by Kevin Spacey and starring Neil Pearson (Bridget Jones’ Diary and Fever Pitch) and Adrian Lukis (Pride and Prejudice), we’re going to a live taping of the Vicar of Dibley at Shepperton studios (with Dawn French), there’s a Blame Canada show coming up with Stirling and the Heavy Blinkers, tickets we’ve had for months gathering dust will finally be used to see Rufus Wainwright end of next month, and we haven’t even planned out any holiday yet.

Better go or I’ll be late for dinner.