I’m wearing my Happiness is Lake Erie t-shirt today

Friday, September 10, 2004

And today I forgot my umbrella and got soaked. Lovely.

I think we’ve now had our Indian summer (wow how politically incorrect) and it’s all down hill from here. Mark was supposed to be applying some waterproofing paint to the outside of part of the house that keeps getting damp, but so much for prolonged dry weather. Oh well.

Some NHL stars are in town tonight playing against the crap London team (consisting of not-good enough for North American pro hockey Canucks and Swedes basically), including a guy it sounds like I went to high school with – Ian MacNeil. I was going to suggest going but it’s like the other side of the city, seems a pain to get to, plus Mark was going to paint!

Last night we met with a caterer who was so awesome to us – even though we are going to be a little event in the scheme of things, he spent like an hour with us, and then we got to eat a three course meal + drinks at his bistro for free. I think we are sold on him! Negotiating to be done later :-). He’s part of the same group that did the marquee assessment last week – so I think even if we don’t use them for anything else (not cheap but local to us), we’ll use the catering.

Work is crazy, as is every September. So many things need sorting out, I haven’t really had time to think about the new role. I have some budget management training with the finance department next week as I am now going to be responsible for 3 pots of funding, and I have to start going to management meetings that I wasn’t a part of before. But other than that not many changes so far…

Ooh it’s Colin Firth’s birthday today. Scary, I know.

We’re going to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant (Fifteen) next weekend for lunch (not to see him, he doesn’t work weekends) and I am very interested to see how good that food will be. I think he’s a good tv personality but the one cookbook I have of his, I don’t really find it very accessible for a home cook. I have made one recipe from it that was good, but I am not so sure about the rest. In fact, I didn’t end up booking the formal restaurant since the menu looks like a lot of stuff I don’t eat like lamb, although it’s seasonal so at other times of year I may like it better. Instead I’ve gone for the trattoria which just looks like simple Italian food. Not sure which set of chefs will be cooking, new recruits or old ones. But not Jamie cooking for us himself. Hmm, another potential caterer though? Not likely!

The best cookbook I have is Nigella Lawson’s Forever Summer. I LOVE HER! I can’t wait for her new one. I have never used a cookbook as much as that one, it really rocks.

Ooh am addicted to a song called Spitting Games by Snow Patrol, it’s just coming on the radio. I need to own that album! Thank god for radio entertainment at work. I can’t always have it on though as Ann who sits right behind me can’t think when it’s on. But she’s only part time thank god. Right now I am listening a lot to Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Badly Drawn Boy, the latest Chili Peppers, can’t think of anything else…

Weirdly I have not opened up a book to read in the past few weeks. I’ve got to do something about that before my brain melts!

Hmm why do I have so much to say today? Very odd.

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