to sleep: perchance to dream?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It’s a good day. After like almost a year of sleeping in a king size bed with only a double size duvet, we finally got our act together and actually purchased a super cheap king size duvet last night at the supermarket. Maybe I’ll sleep better now? Less complaining in the middle of the night of being cold? It’s that weird time of year, though, where the heating has just come on in the house (the radiators are on briefly in the morning and at night) so in actual fact I’m a bit warm for a whole duvet + pj’s, but it’d be really cold without the heating.

Anyway, I just won the battle of putting the damn duvet cover on, so I am tired enough to get to bed anyway…

Was just vegging in front of the tv watching a Channel 4 show called Too Posh to Wash. Yes it’s about the granddaughter of a lord who refuses to wash, and likes to keep her boogers in her pocket. No she’s not 4, she’s about 25. So they are doing all these bacterialogical (is that a word? probably not…) samples on her and it’s pretty scary!

Today I ate a fresh fig for the first time. Although the taste was familiar so maybe I’ve had them before and I just don’t know it. I have loads of recipes for them, and they are in season, so I think I may go nuts on them now. Figs and goat’s cheese, oven roasted figs for a thousand and one nights, poached figs, figs wrapped in prosciutto…

Oh and the search for a wedding caterer continues as our guy quoted something just a LITTLE over budget! We’ll sort something out. We’ve found another local one, in Harrow, who seems much more reasonable, although it’s pretty standard traditional fare and not necessarily what I’d prefer to eat myself.

Weird thing on the way home. Was sitting on a Met Line tube waiting for it to pull out of Baker Street, and this fight broke out at the top of the platform. Only it was the skinny end of the platform, meaning it was only like 8 foot wide, and there are electrified tracks on either side, and these guys are throwing each other around! Soon enough there are like 20 station staff in their little Underground blue uniforms running after them before they kill themselves, and then the cops eventually showed up. The little things that make the day so much more exciting…

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