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sometimes my picture is on here, and sometimes it isn’t – why?!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oh my poor neglected blog. I can only say that I have no internet access at home and the hard drive is in for a major surgical procedure. Plus work has been absolutely CRAZY, have been loads of extra hours for the past few hellish weeks, and I’ve just had no time. Now that my giant funding proposal is over, and in for the bigwigs at the London Central Learning and Skills Council to decide whether or not we should get it, I can relax at bit. I have also been ordered by my manager to take Monday off as TOIL – hurrah! Sad news is that she is leaving at the end of this term, but it’s great for her as she got a promotional position at another college. And no I am not going to go for her job, this management level is probably more than I can handle anyway.

And because of all that stuff, I don’t even really have anything exciting to report. Oh, we have booked our caterer, and our marquee for the garden. Keep getting sucked in to purusing wedding magazines – must stop, they are full of advertisements only! Oh and the Wedding Show was such a waste of time (and entry fee), really just full of meringue dresses and expensive cakes and even more expensive honeymoons. Oh well. We got a free CD out of it. I think we don’t have to do anything else for a while, probably not till the new year.

Waiting to hear about Grace and Jason’s baby that was due about 2 weeks ago – hopefully didn’t end up in an induction but I await whatever the news!

Also eagerly awaiting Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason, have tickets for a preview screening on the 7th November, and the premiere is in Leicester Square on the 9th. Ooh have been waiting for this movie for ages. And I was there the day the big fight scene in the fountains was shot, was great fun to watch from a distance in Hyde Park.

Better get on, I am at work, and although things are a bit quieter now, doesn’t mean it’s like the good old days when I could take off early safe in the knowledge that all was done and under control…