House prices show fresh vigour

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

I really hate picking a title for blog entries. So I’ve decided it’s BBC news headlines from now on, unless I become majorly inspired.

Having a rather hellish day as I ended up having to write a huge outcome/output/milestone plan for a £400,000 funding proposal (for a project with mental health services) even though it’s supposed to be partner-driven bid and not coming from us! What a headache. Thank god it’s over for today. The giant thing is due in 2 weeks today though, and there are a lot more sections to go…

Monday was great however – completely bountiful. I came home to my Amazon order of a new large Le Creuset stewing-type dish (massively on sale), Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook Jamie’s Dinners (which I am pretty impressed with, compared to the last one), and Nigella’s new one Feast (which unfortunately doesn’t look quite so good but I forgive her since I love her). And, I guess as Dena left that day for her Zoom flight home to Toronto, she left us a fab gift, that I was going to ask for for Christmas – kd lang’s new album of Canadian covers!! And we went to a wedding show the day before (which turned out to be a waste of an entry fee as it was all meringue dresses, expensive honeymoons, tuxedo rental and overpriced stationary) which for pre-booking the tickets I was supposed to get a free cd – and so that arrived too. Oh and I had managed to go shopping on my lunch hour and get a few items from Dorothy Perkins. All in all, a good consumer/consumption day :-).

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