US Election Day oh god it’s here

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

I am vaguely hopeful that I will be surprised when I wake up tomorrow and find that John Kerry has sneaked in – but I doubt it!

I hate this time of year. British Summer Time just ended up Sunday, meaning it’s now 4:30pm and it looks like it’s about 10pm outside. Argh. Hate going home from work in the dark, looking like it’s the middle of the night. So unpleasant.

We saw Rufus Wainwright play on Friday night at the Barbican, good show, but as great as he is, I am now in love with his sister Martha. She did the opening set, and then she supported him as a back up singer in a slinky dress later. Ooh I really liked her, outstanding voice, fab lyrics. I think I know some friends who would really like her too. It was a great show overall though, that family is so bloody talented.

Work is getting fairly hellish again; it had calmed down but I am having loads of things that need sorting come to a head. My administrator brought in cake today so that has been helping with our sanity in here. Actually I shouldn’t complain. Only 23 more working days until I have a month off! wahoo!

We are staying here for Christmas this year; as much as I would love to go to Barbados and see my side of the family, we’ve got to stick around London. But it will be relaxing, no travelling (besides short car journeys) and no jet lag.

At least a short break to look forward to – taking a ‘booze cruise’ to France on the 20/21st weekend to go and buy a bunch of alcohol for cheaper than we can get it here for the wedding. And we’ll stay over night in France, somewhere near Calais. It’s amazing that since moving here I haven’t actually been to France yet and it’s like so damn close. Looking at Ireland in April…

And really looking forward to seeing Edge of Reason on Sunday, then going to the premiere on Tuesday night… 🙂

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