picture mad and more

Thursday, November 4, 2004

So I have gone photo crazy on here today as I am finally enjoying internet access at home again after weeks without. And it means I can share some photos of Piper (although I have more trapped on a digital camera right now) – we get to bring our golden retriever puppy home in a month today! And then I get to be off work pretty much for a month to hang out with her! hurrah!

In other good news today, eggnog lattes are back at Starbucks. They cost the bloody earth – I could buy lunch for the same 2 pounds and change price of a small one – but they’re about the only taste of eggnog I can get in this country without making some from scratch! Which I will do during the festive season, but in the mean time I will waste my money on that damn place. Had my first one of the season today at lunch and damn it was tasty.

In unbelievable news, thanks to the fact that Westminster Adult Education Service (my employer) is part of Westminster City Council (basically the local government in the City of Westminster), and that Council thinks it is wonderful and keeps winning awards, they have given us an extra day’s holiday on December 17th so the whole service is closed and they have announced that all staff get a half day off to go Christmas shopping!!! Have you ever heard of something so crazy?! Anyway it works out well for me as that is the half day I will take for our trip to France in a few weeks. We’ve booked the ferry now, so we just need a b&b or something.

In more good news, I finally got a work mobile phone today. Makes up for the fact that I haven’t had one since I lent mine to my dad in August when he was scout camping here and it never worked again!! He figures the damp got to it. But the one I got is so much better! It has a colour screen and all sorts of bells and whistles. And of course it was free (well sort of – it comes out of one of the budgets I manage so I am acutely aware of the expense!). And of course the first thing I did tonight was get myself an O Canada ringtone that I had tried to get on my last phone but it didn’t work. Excellent. Except only I will know the significance of course!

This makes up for a terrible week at work (ugh…the stress) and in the universe in general – four more years of that?! Oh god, what have they done over there.

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