Thursday, November 11, 2004

We actually had some sad news at the beginning of the week – in random circumstances, our new puppy has been orphaned! Poor Ruby the golden retriever passed away. She fell down the stairs or something, and when they took her in to the vet since she was acting strange, they found some kind of cancerous liver tumour that had ruptured. Not only is it really bad news for the family that owns her (who has breed her resulting in the current litter, her second), of course it’s also making us worry about Piper’s genetics. We are just going to have to be vigilant. Unfortunately the stats on Goldens and cancer are not good at all. I wish we were getting her sooner though, now. Luckily the puppies were almost weaned completely and are now on formula. Ruby’s sister was really trying to mother the pups when we were there, so hopefully she can provide something of that relationship in her absence.

But in better news I had a fun night at the Bridget Jones premiere. As you can see from the pics. Can’t even think of all the celebs that we spotted that night – too many to mention. Bad weather, thought I was going to get pneumonia, but fun times. Movie – not so great. Not as good as the first, but still nice to return to that world. Even if the book is a gazillion times better.

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