Friday, November 19, 2004

Off to France this afternoon. Taking the hovercraft ferry type thing from Dover about 4pm, arriving in Calais, and then going to Wissant (some small village) where we are staying in a B&B. Hopefully will find decent place to have dinner and then tomorrow will be massive wine and beer purchasing for wedding, as well as maybe a bit of sightseeing. We’re only staying 24 hours actually.

The weather’s good – yesterday it was like 13 degrees and raining but today it’s sunny and freezing! The good thing about really cold is that it’s often clear when it is sub zero. Actually I lie – it’s almost never sub zero here.

The day didn’t start off too well though – began just after 8am with a flat tire and ended up with me not getting to work till almost 10am because of a broken down Jubilee line train! Argh! Don’t they know how much stuff I have to do and I only have a half day to do it in? Will end up doing some work on Sunday I think. Work is just so busy lately, and I really can’t afford to take the time off to be with Piper in the next few weeks, so unfortunately I am going to end up doing a lot of work from home, and occaisionally going in for some meetings. At least it should mean that I will be able to take some extra time in January perhaps.

We’re going to visit Piper on Wednesday – it’s going to be hard to leave her there this time! But only 2 weeks and we get to bring her home. Everyone at work is ‘awwwwww’ing all over her picture below, which is now on my Desktop. Next Saturday we’re going to visit my mother’s Auntie Edith on the south coast near Hastings, and Sunday we’re having lunch with Mark’s aunt (who I’ve met many times), and his cousin who I still have not met even though I have almost known him for 2 years. Karen and her husband are having a baby in a few months so his maternal grandmother will become a ‘great’ which I am sure she is excited about.

And why I am writing on here when I have SO MUCH to do?? I am still a master procrastinator. Major skill that university gave me.

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  1. David Says:

    Pity you never got a chance to go on the real hovercraft, it took abput 20 minutes, was like being on a bus and cost £5 return. Like Concorde now consigned to the dustbin of history. No idea what a sea cat is, but you won’t catch me on one.

    Welcome to Kingsbury by the way, if you’ve checked out the Welsh Harp (highly recommended)you would have passed my road.

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