Thursday, December 23, 2004

It’s positively balmy outside today – sunny and like 12 degrees or something. I went out with the dog in my pj’s and felt warm! But I understand from that Ontario has had a nice snowstorm. Of course my parents and grandparents are in Barbados right now so they are suffering the lucky so and so’s.

All the weather forecasters are dying to give people here a white xmas, and although they say it’s going to be chilly again this weekend, it’s almost never below zero, and probably only Scotland will actually get any snow. Not that I miss it! But gee do they wish for that white xmas here. I think Piper would enjoy snow, though. So far she hates the rain, when it’s belting down, so she’s been lucky that’s only happened once. Everything is muddy though – her, the carpet by the backdoor (of course the only place downstairs there is carpet is where she needs to bring in the dirt!), and us. You should see my pj’s right now – paw prints everywhere.

I’ve been having a very lazy week – organising recipes, doing laundry, hanging with the puppy, sort of cleaning stuff up. But mostly lounging and watching crap daytime tv – but for the daily dose of General Hospital that has made me so very happy!! I don’t think we are very far behind here – should look that up actually.

We did a big grocery shop last night so I can at least do some decent cooking in the next few days. Tonight I think will be oven roasted cod with a herb crust and I’ll throw some veggies together. I’m making the cranberry sauce for Saturday, but other than that, and the booze we were asked to bring, I don’t have to worry about the actual food on the day as Mark’s sister and mum are doing that. Will really miss my grandmother’s cooking though! And probably will be stuck eating brussel sprouts, mince pies and xmas pudding – ugh ugh ugh.

Mark is turning 39 (god he’s so old) in 6 days so I need to book something for dinner. I tried to suggest somewhere decent like 140 Park Lane or Mango Tree or Christopher’s but he wasn’t having it – he wants to go back to a restaurant he first took me to 2 years ago in February, a Thai place in the City called Silks and Spice. It’s pretty good, but we never go anywhere new! We are in London and shouldn’t be boring!! However as he didn’t get me anything for my birthday except a lunch out, he’s not getting anything other than dinner either. Last year at this time, I took him out to Toronto for the day, took him shopping, took him out for beers, and then for one of the most expensive dinners in the city at the top of the CN Tower – ON TOP of other gifts like a stupid Flight Simulator game for the computer he’s never used. So not making any effort this year as is clearly not appreciated!! MEN. Now let’s see if I get anything for xmas…

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