Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I didn’t even hear about the tsunami right away as we’ve been out of the house so much. Actually am exhausted from all the visiting and travelling and carting the dog and half a house with us everywhere. This really is like having kids. Xmas day at Mark’s sisters with loads of other people, and bringing the dog up and down like 6 flights of stairs every time we thought she might need to pee. Then next day driving home, dropping her off, and going back up for lunch at a pub with the same crowd. Then next day trying to do the sales, first on Oxford Street in the morning, and then Brent Cross shopping centre in the afternoon. Can you believe I actually bought a cheap wedding dress – unexpected find. May not wear it, but I can always sell it on Ebay. It was 70% off and wasn’t that expensive in the first place!! Anyway, then yesterday up to Derby to see my Grandma, and Mark’s dad on the way home. Mark actually had to have a 10 minute cat nap in the car at a roadside stop last night as it was approaching 11 and we were still not home. And he was falling asleep. And the dog is hating all these car journeys and so are we!

Anyway back to the important stuff. The news is just getting worse everytime I turn it on. There are loads of Brits dead – all these terrible stories about families being split up and newly married couples where only one of them has survived. I can’t help thinking that it could have been us as we are dying to travel to Thailand and possibly would have been there if not for getting the dog, and we also really looked into getting married in Sri Lanka (it’s kind of like the Vegas of south east Asia). Also I have good friends from Canada travelling in India right now – I know they have said there are no foreign tourists killed there but I am still worried about them as I don’t know what part they are in right now. And one of my staff members had a possible standby ticket to Thailand – but he could have gone to France instead, they weren’t going to know until the last minute (his partner works for Air France so they can pretty much go anywhere). I hope they are okay – Thailand is where most of the Brits have perished, it’s very popular.

For like the first time ever I’ve just given a substantial donation to the British Red Cross. Apparently they are being overwhelmed with donations, them and Oxfam, so that is good news.

Mark’s birthday today, so thinking of happier things, we are going out for a nice Thai meal in a couple of hours. Better go get ready.

We have no idea what to do for New Year’s Eve and are probably going to be very boring at home with puppy!

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