Monday, January 10, 2005

I’m still at work and it’s 6:22pm and I will be working tonight until about 8:45! UGH! I have to go to a tenant’s association meeting on a housing estate near here tonight and it doesn’t start till 8. Oh how crappy. Anyway I convinced Mark to come and pick me up and I should be home in time for the start of the new season of ER. Yes the season that started in North America in September or October. But what the hell. Better late than never.

The dog has recently discovered how to walk up the stairs and that life upstairs is exciting and new – so this week we have to buy a baby gate! She doesn’t know how to get down again, and it’s not actually good for her limb development to be doing the stairs. In fact we may be messing her up a bit as she is finally allowed to go for walks – and so we are taking her for LOADS of them to tire her out. She loves them though. But we may need to scale back a bit.

Maria and Joel were in town last week, and they came over for dinner, had a good night gabbing. Seems like they were just around yesterday – but they moved to America back in March. I hope they will be back in August though! They got me a maple leaf muffin tin just like this and it is so cool! I hope to use it soon. Well, at least for Canada Day.

Mark’s nan’s birthday (her 93rd) was last week, so we had a bunch of his family over for lunch on the 8th. We have WAY too much food left over but at least we don’t have to go food shopping again anytime soon. I made Nigella Lawson’s brownies as a birthday cake and we are still enjoying them. Simple and delicious. Also made some wholegrain bread that disappeared, a roast chicken served cold and some goat’s cheese/mozzarella and tomato tarts for the veggies in the house. Other than that, a bunch of prepackaged stuff to keep it easy!

We’ve just booked our next holiday (thank god – I am getting itchy feet myself now) and we are off to Ireland in March for the Easter break. We are taking the ferry over, staying the night in Rosslare, and then staying at week in a little cottage on the south west coast near Kenmare. Then another night back in Rosslare, and the ferry home again. We picked Ireland as Piper can come with us; no travel restrictions. In fact we’re going to get her a pet passport so we can take her anywhere. We were talking about Italy (Sorrento region) in September or October for a honeymoon with her but to be honest, it might also be nice to have a holiday without her!

Ugh my head hurts and I want to go home……………………………………

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