Friday, January 21, 2005

I can’t seem to get a profile photo to stick. My fault – keep using free file storage sites to hold it. Can’t link a photo from Tripod, which is where my original website is hosted, so what can I do.


I don’t think I have shared this with anyone yet but my dog farts like a human. A little precious female puppy that farts like a beer swilling old man – loud and smelly. Lovely.

So unplanned we are going to Barbados to see my grandparents in 2 weeks. I’ve been having a hellish time at work in the past couple of weeks, it has been exceptionally stressful and busy, and so I was already looking forward to taking days off in February for half term break. Starting thinking about Barbados when I heard my great-aunt died while my grandparents were down there, which must have been awful for them. Auntie Undine stayed with them every year that they’ve been down there too. She was great, I have some vague memories of sliding down the stairs in my grandparents’ house in Ottawa with her – on our bums. When I was like 3 or something. Anyway – so I thought they might need cheering up, and I needed cheering up. But then I couldn’t find any decently cheap flights. So I started thinking about Toronto, cause there was an Air Canada sale and it would have been cheap. Even cheaper than the charters. But then the thought of Ontario in February…. brrrrr…. So a few days ago I looked at my diary, decided exactly which week I wanted to go, went on the computer and checked and lo and behold there was a spate of cheap flights the week I wanted. I booked one. Mark was going to stay home with the dog. Then he decided what the hell he was coming too. I was fretting about being a bad parent leaving the dog behind already. But it’s not going to be too bad – one of Mark’s tenants has agreed to take care of her and the cat for a week’s free rent, and it means she won’t have to be disrupted with a change in location. So we get some sea and sun, and I get out of work for 6 days. And the week I am back is half term when most people will be off, which means it will be quiet and I can catch up properly and slowly.

Also when we get back I think we are going to do a 6 mile charity walk for an animal home with her. I have to look into that today but it should be cool. We’ve taken her to Stanmore Common which is our local dog hot bed of walkers, and all the other dog owners are ooohing and ahhing over her, but she is terrified of all the dogs!! Even ones littler than her!! We were meant to be starting puppy classes the week we go away, so I think we’ll have to delay those a bit. She’s going to need them just at least for the socialisation with other dogs. No fear of humans or cats (she’s so bold with Piggie now, chasing him all over the place!) but at dogs, she hides behind us.

I have a book called This Diary Will Change Your Life 2005, and it is very amusing. I’ve left it at work, and haven’t been at my desk all week so have missed loads of it, but today I am meant to test the power of prayer.


Dear God,
I pray that the television channels I receive may prove

entertaining enough this week to fill the black hole that is my social

(how accurate is that!!)
I think mine today is:
Hello any greater power in the universe,
Please let us sell the house quickly and at a good price later this year so that Mark feels rich enough in Canadian dollars to warrant a move across the Atlantic sometime in 2006.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dear God
    I pray that Emma will spread her good wealth, and airline tickets, with her good dear friend…

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