Monday, January 24, 2005

Last night we went to a London Racers hockey game! It was very funny. You know it’s not the greatest hockey when the score is 6-4. Over half the team is Canadian NHL rejects. They take it all very seriously and there was loads of brawls and swearing. FIGHT!! We were sitting just to the left of the team bench and the crap coming out of the Canadian captains’ mouth was rather amusing. Also funny was hearing fans with British accents cheering on the wrong sport. It was all rather bizarre actually! Not a very big arena. I got nostalgic for home when the Zamboni came out.

And we saw the Aviator yesterday, which was good. Mark was just paying attention to the airplanes, but I did enjoy the rest of it. Except Leonardo DiCaprio still looks like he is 17 so hard to imagine him as Howard Hughes actually.

Brrr it actually snowed here today. For about 5 minutes and it’s all gone. I wish I could get Piper to frolic in the snow but I don’t ever think we are going to have enough of it. Not that I am complaining!! It’s going down to 0 tonight and that’s the coldest it ever gets. Okay I feel it more here as it’s damp but it ain’t no minus 50.

On the BBC website today it listed 10 reasons to be cheerful as Monday 24th January is considered a really crap for weather + holiday debt + various other factors. Number 5:

Canada’s worse. Carla, in Ottawa told us: “Here, we are expecting a

heatwave on Monday: it’s predicted to rise to -9 C. Folks will be out in shorts,

dancing in the streets.”

“You know its cold, when you go into a fridge to

warm up,” said Tony from Toronto.

“The worst part is that the snow doesn’t

go away here until May,” said James in Winnipeg, Canada.

Jeff Connolly in London, Ontario summed it up: “I am from Canada, and you don’t need a Monday to feel crummy. Up here, all you need is winter.”

Oh Canada. We need some help with our reputation. Hmm time to go make some dinner.

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