Friday, February 18, 2005

Okay didn’t drown in Barbados but drowning at work…

Too much to do! But what the hell, it’s a good job.

Nothing much to report on. Barbados was quiet and uneventful – perfect. Sea, sun, rum, fish, reading like 4 books and sleeping. Read that book about the Bush family, borrowed from my Grandad, which was great. Elinor Rigby from Coupland, don’t really like him, he keeps writing the same bloody book. Umm… some mystery-like story called The Honeymoon, about Venice, that I got from the library. And Mourning Ruby which was good, Helen Dunmore I think was the author. I’m now on Ian McEwan’s Saturday which is fantastic so far, that’s leftover from the trip as I bought it at Gatwick.

The dog missed us, and has been full of attitude since we got back really – as if to say I am going to punish you for being away by not listening to anything you say and growling at you when you tell me no! The little ****. When does puppy training start so I can kick her butt? She fell in a pond yesterday on an afternoon walk which was hilarious. Didn’t know how she was supposed to get out.

Mark made me an awesome dinner for Valentine’s Day which was (a) completely out of character and (b) unnecessary as I am totally not into the stupid day, but I promise I said thank you nicely :-).

We brought back 2L of rum for the wedding, and are moving ahead with other things along that vein. I am ordering the invitations right now and those should be ready quite soon. I hope they will look as good in person as they do on the sample on the website (won’t link to as it’s a secret design!). Getting them from Canada, hurrah hurrah. Was going to go with one of our community partners that I work with, a printing press for mental health day service users, but to be honest, I feel in love with the ones from Canada.

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