Saturday, February 19, 2005

Gone picture mad this morning – but at least I am up to date.

This afternoon we are going to crash someone’s wedding – sort of. We asked our caterers if we could sample their work as we booked them without tasting anything (probably rather dangerous, considering the guy we wanted to book but couldn’t afford gave us a three course meal and booze for free at his restaurant!!). They’ve told us to turn up early to a wedding they are catering at Porchester Hall tonight, which will be similar to our food. Porchester Hall is another place that we could have gotten married/had the reception, but I’ve been there for work-related stuff and actually it’s not that nice. My friend Rubina at work got married in the autumn, a HUGE Bengali wedding, and apparently it’s also very expensive so they also looked elsewhere.

Mark is out at the airfield playing with his silly toy (e.g. the Grob) so I am just hanging out with the dog and trying to make a dent in the cleaning and tidying of this pit of a house…

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