Friday, March 4, 2005

This is not good – a blog only update once a month? No, that is very bad.

Things are pretty crap at work though. I think I am complaining about it too much but I really just have too much to do and I am DRAINED…

Nothing else is getting done – the house is a tip, the dog isn’t getting walked enough (although I have to say a good walk in the field is a big stress reliever for me, and I’ve been coming home early when I can to get that in before it gets dark), the little things just aren’t getting done.

On top of the projects to manage at work and then add in another project management task like a wedding and I am just overwhelmed. ACK. UGH. Somebody, please, mr. bus driver, hit me with your bus and that way I can spend a couple of months in hospital and de-stress!

The weather has been very interesting lately – we’ve had this cold front in from Russia for like 2 weeks, and just a few minutes ago this deadly black cloud came over and hit the place with nasty hail for 10 minutes. This morning we had snow that actually stuck for a bit – I wonder what it’s like at home, because at work it’s all gone now. But it never sticks here downtown – too much traffic, people, pollution means it’s significantly warmer down here compared to just a few miles away where home is. I see some blue sky, but it’s freakin’ cold! I’ve been wearing my tuque (no Brit knows what that word is) and mitts and scarf for a few weeks now, this last wintery blast.

Anyway, the good part about this job, and the one that makes me stop from applying to other ones (although I have been looking) is the generous, generous annual leave (what, do I have like 12 weeks holiday or something crazy like that?!), and I have some coming up to look forward to. We have a long weekend on the Isle of Wight on Friday the 18th, and then the week after we’re off to the south west coast of Ireland for 9 days. I am looking forward to that. Hopefully we’ll catch Em and Mark outside Cardiff in Wales before we head across the sea on the ferry. We are dogless on the Isle of Wight, but she’s coming with us to Ireland (the only place she doesn’t need a pet passport for). Should be good!

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