Friday, March 18, 2005

A dogless morning at home before we get away for the weekend – nice! Catching up on housework, packing and organising, and watching episodes of GH (on tv) and Days of Our Lives (on tape – thanks Sam!!). Watching the tape from Sam reminds me how lucky we are in the UK not to have very many commercials at all – but at the same time I am fascinated to see commercials from BC!

The weather is gorgeous – has been like 20 degrees for the past couple of days. Flowers were up before but now they are really blooming. Last night we took the dog out before we dropped her off for the weekend, out in the conservation area at the back of the house, and out by the ponds on the path there were like 50 million frogs!! We had to walk really carefully not to squish any; there were heaps of like 4 of them or more tangled all up together; and the dog was just confused as anything as to what was going on. Spring fever is what. It was gross though, I thought I had frog guts on my wellies. Not going out there again at night!

We started letting Piper off the leash last weekend and it’s been fantastic. The first time we were out at Ruislip Lido, which is a small lake/big pond with some facilities around it, surround by a fence. And there were a million dogs there to chase and play with, as well as her finally for the first time running in the water and not being afraid of it – it was a great afternoon. After that, we got home, and she slept for like the next 12 hours!! Turns out she expels a lot more energy when she is off the leash, and for some reason we’ve been able to have her out on walks more often this week – so she is a nice calm dog now!

Mark’s friend Chula has taken her for the weekend; he’s some high ranking police officer who does things like travel with Tony Blair to Libya, and he grew up with Irish Setters. I’m expecting her to come home fully trained actually as he’s great with that stuff – he taught her how to stay when she sits. His wife Elaine just called and said he took her for a run this morning and she is thoroughly pooped again; sounds like she is just fine over there until we pick her up on Sunday.

I’m not going to complain about work. I’m not going to complain about work. How crap it is and how I want to leave for something else and I am just not getting any support. But I am not going to complain about it and just celebrate a quiet day off from it, and the fact it’s another 4 day week next week with then 9 days in Ireland. Excellent.

Better go get ready and finish packing…Isle of Wight awaits.

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