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Monday, March 7, 2005

So I splurged out and bought myself an Orla Kiely handbag on Friday, which I have been dying to get for a while. In fact I have been bidding on some on ebay, but they all get really expensive and so you might as well just go and buy one yourself! It looks like this except in blue instead of red. I love her stuff; thankfully she also does this cheap range at Sainsbury’s where we grocery shop, so I also have a gorgeous notebook of hers for work, and also some nice wrapping paper that she has designed. Expensive handbag hopefully means it won’t fall apart as I am pretty rough on mine, filling them up with various bits for work and whatever.

While I was at Selfridges admiring the handbags and then finally relenting and purchasing one, right beside the Orla Kiely shelves were these two craaaaaaaaazy handbags made of suede and leather that said ‘Pure F***in Maple Syrup’ around a big maple leaf, and then ‘Born in Canada, Made in Italy’. I picked up the small one and it was £225!! That’s like $500 Canadian!! I understand that price for Chanel; I do not understand it for some green and brown Canadian concotion that was made by who knows what company.

I am on strike from work right now; I am fed up with how much stuff I have to do, my workload is just out of control, so what the heck, let’s shop online instead of doing anything real.

Speaking of ebay, we managed to sell an old 1970’s sideboard of Mark’s that he inherited from his aunt for 99p! Actually the girl that bought it who sent her parents to pick me up gave me a fiver instead, which was generous and unnecessary; we were just happy to get rid of it. Now the rest of the house needs to be emptied!

Took the dog for a HUGE hike across the Downs at Dunstable yesterday; she was so exhausted afterwards she slept all night and is still sleeping this morning. She’s so well behaved when she is tired!!