increasing brightness…

Monday, May 2, 2005

We’re coming out of the fog that has been DIY hell for the past couple of weeks – the estate agent will be round tomorrow to take photos of the house to put it on the market. And Mark has done SO MUCH work (since of course we never seem to finish anything around the house, we’ve had to do everything in a very short space of time) and I’ve even helped a bit too. Actually we’ve pretty much done nothing else which has sucked but has been necessary. The bedrooms upstairs are finally bedrooms and not just junk storage/waste bins!!

The sun is shining, it’s a long weekend, and I’ve just put the winter clothes away. The flowers are blooming, the herbs and vegetables I’ve planted from seed are sprouting everywhere. And even the dog is acting full of beans like normal even though she had the big operation just on Friday (the big ‘snip snip’). Only problem is we’re not really supposed to let her get any exercise so she’s tearing around the house and garden instead of going for proper walks.

Work was really bad last week again, but then suddenly in the past few days things are feeling a bit better in general. I’m not as ready to walk out as I was. Well actually I couldn’t really leave until after my long summer holiday anyway due to wedding and family visits. But I will stick with it for a bit anyway I think.

Oh yeah – there’s a panic. Wedding is less than 100 days away now. Realising how much there is still to do. I’ve got a week off at the end of the month, and nothing really to do then (not used to having days off without a trip to take!), so I think I’ll be doing a lot of that then. Unfortunately I think although I am inviting A LOT of Canadian friends, I am not actually sure if anymore than 2 are going to come. Which is a big shame. But I know we are asking a lot from people to afford it. Almost all invites are out to people now – hopefully they have actually received them.

Completely out of touch with all friends though – probably not helping my general upset state before today in which everything looks brighter… Need to start calling and emailing again.

Next weekend also some grounding activities – lots of family visiting. Mark’s sister just got back from 2 months on placement in Australia (med school) so we’ll see her and his mum and family on Saturday. Sunday is my grandmother and then his Dad afterwards. It’s always an adventure now we bring the dog everywhere.

One Response to “increasing brightness…”

  1. jamie Says:


    I’ve been wondering what happened to you! I really want to come to your wedding… Desperately… but I just don’t think it can happen.

    You must have someone take a tonne of pics so that I can feel like I was there!


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