Wednesday, May 18, 2005

At home instead of work feeling blah. Was going to work from home but I just can’t bring myself to do anything. Brain feels mushy… sleepy too…

The dog is enjoying her day, as she is normally cooped up for most of a weekday, chasing butterflies, bees and destroying the garden. I am NOT happy with her as my vegetable patch was flourishing at the beginning of the month and now it is a dry pile of soil. I don’t actually know if she is the culprit as there is a fence around it that theoretically was blocking her out but part of it is down. I suppose it could also be birds/slugs/foxes (do they eat plants?)/hedgehogs or something but I am annoyed as I was looking forward to the harvest. The indoor herbs are doing well though.

A few house viewings have been done but no offers on the house… Beginning to wonder if we will be stuck here in this house if we can’t sell it. Only been two weeks on the market but who knows how it will pan out.

Need to find a new wedding dress as the one I bought in the sales on Boxing Day is really not going to fit now. I could try another one from Monsoon for full price (not that much really, but not a wide selection – they mostly do regular clothes), but we are also going to a proper bridal shop this Sunday to see if there is time to help me out. I don’t want something big and frou frou, and we don’t have a huge budget for it anyway, so I am not sure how the bridal shop is going to go. Also I think they usually have many months’ delivery time. I have a contingency plan anyway – there is a store on ebay that has like 2 days delivery time on dresses in many sizes that aren’t expensive and aren’t atrocious looking. Just in case at least I have that option.

Em and Mark are in town tomorrow from Wales for a conference, so I am planning out what the vegan dinner is going to be. I’m thinking about some kind of chickpea pasta thing and an eggless chocolate cake. They are going to stay here too – it’s nice now we have a proper spare room (actually two spare rooms) that is possible to use as a bedroom and isn’t just a junk pile! Looking forward to seeing them again.

Must go put feet up and watch trashy daytime television…
(:-( the freeview box isn’t working properly so I can’t watch general hospital on abc1….wahhhh!)

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