Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mark has a friend David down the street that he has known for years; he’s a retired excellent tailor and clothesmaker. He also has a very talented daughter called Katie who is a garden designer and works for some very rich clients. This year, she worked very hard and got herself into the Chelsea Flower Show, which is a very big deal here in the UK – even non-gardening types like myself end up watching coverage on tv. Although I have to say this country does love their little patch of green. Anyway, Katie has done amazingly well – I found out from David this morning she got a silver medal, and I saw her garden featured on BBC2 this evening on their hourlong coverage. Apparently she had a visit this week from Diarmuid Gavin and Laurence Lllewellyn Bowen (probably so spelt their names wrong there) who if you watch any BBC home or garden design stuff you will know. You can check her garden out here on the BBC site or there’s a good pic on the Royal Horticultural Society page. I’ve lent David our digital camcorder and he’s spending some time there on Thursday so hopefully we’ll get to see more of it too.

Wedding dress bought and paid for and hanging on a hook behind me – won’t put a picture on here as it seems like you should all wait to see it! And for the legions not coming (and there are legions) you are just going to have to wait too! Cake also done. Check. Check. Now about 50 other things left to do only. Sigh.

Happy birthday to my dad today. I sent him socks and Cadbury Flakes and apparently Royal Mail stole one, re-wrapped the parcel, and stuck an apology on it!

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