Friday, May 27, 2005

I get very paranoid when the nausea goes away that this is all going wrong.

And we’ve tempted fate this week – Mark told his parents although I thought it was too early, and I bought maternity bras. I also couldn’t resist a 6 month old size hooded Roots sweatshirt on ebay – well, who the hell else in the UK was going to buy it. Even though I am not normally superstitious.

I did get really paranoid yesterday, and then had a bad dream about it all last night. But feeling sort of worse today physically – which is no fun and yet is positive.

I have to say that the thing that grosses me out most is the idea of meat and cheese together. And I was always such a quarter pounder fan. Meat…ugh can barely eat it, cheese too – combine them, it’s a no no. However about a pound of fresh cherries goes down well! Is it evil that I haven’t entirely given up coffee? I have drastically reduced my caffeine intake though, which is meant to be the bad part of it.

Who knows, it’s all new.

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  1. So Cold Inside. Says:

    Wow. My sister is also pregnant here in the US. This is her 12th week, and she has to go in for a special Ultra Sound. She hasn’t had a problem eating things though…She was told to avoid sodium and preservitaves. Maybe McDonalds has alot of preservatives that are making you sick.

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