Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Does life end tonight after there is no more Desperate Housewives until next year? Well, there is one episode of ER left, Eastenders of course always continues, and we’ve just had Big Brother start. Although I am not sure how much I can put up with nightly viewings of the breasts of large-bosomed 19 year old girls. But it looks like it may be mildly entertaining.

We’ve had new seasons of Will and Grace and Scrubs start recently too – although I think they are about 3 seasons behind on North America. I’d have to pay a lot for digital each month to get better tv – we had it once but stopped doing it. The only problem is that since it was really windy last week the Freeview box is so not working properly. Down to the basic 5 channels pretty much.

These are the things that bother me when I am at home for a week!

Went to a local florist today and sorted out wedding flowers. It’s a small order, and I know I could have bought a bunch of gerberas myself and just done it all and saved some moolah, but what the hell, let them do it for me. We are still missing a good bunch of RSVP’s and I need to get a better idea of numbers before I move on with other things but at least that was done today. Haven’t accomplished much else this week other than hanging out with the dog and cat.

There is a William Shatner ad for All Bran cereal here that keeps cracking me up. Okay it’s terrible that this is what he is doing for money. But the funny part is that he keeps saying ‘Yogurty’ like I would, like a good Canadian. And the announcer keeps correcting him with the Queen’s English to say ‘Yawgurty’ – don’t expect me to say it correctly. It always leads to a nice battle between Mark and I.

Ohh time for Dermot and Big Brother’s Little Brother!

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