Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Just over 9 weeks now.

Someone said yesterday that I shouldn’t be worried about the loss of feeling so icky as it’s different for everyone when they go through this and she knows people who had nausea lasting between 3 days and 9 months (oh heavens).

Of course after this worry, what happens today? I smell soup on Mark’s breath and proceed to upchuck my honey nut cheerios. Ugh ugh ugh.

I seem to have no problem eating sweet stuff like ice cream or chocolate though. I tend to justify it through the calcium I am clearly gaining. But I do feel it’s a problem; I am worried about gestational diabetes. But for the past few weeks, if I feel I can eat something, it’s a happy dance and whatever I feel I can eat, if it actually goes down and stays down, who actually cares what it is. I am hoping the vitamins and my considerable fat stores are providing enough nourishment.

Still no one from the hospital has been in touch as to when this midwife appointment is meant to be. I’d like some evidence please! Like a heartbeat or a scan!

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