Sunday, June 5, 2005

Okay so I just had a week off and was basically just lazy the entire time, but

  1. The dog got lots of quality time
  2. The wedding flowers are sorted out
  3. The wedding favours are sorted out (including the purhase of a crate of 24 packs of Canadian smarties off of ebay which are being shipped to me from Victoria! hey only 20 GBP which is cheap compared to what I bought at Confetti)
  4. I even starting working on seating arrangements (ooh it’s gonna be a nightmare)
  5. I got lots of sleep
  6. I barely thought about work except at the beginning of the week

Mark is having a tough time tiling the entire floor in the extension area at the back of the house + the kitchen. Tough in that he started it last weekend, and has barely made any progress as he hates it and it’s taking up like 10 tonnes of tile cement which means the cement is going to cost about 10 times as much as the tiles which we got a good deal on. It also means of course that no one can come and see the house while it is in this terrible state so the longer he takes, the more we are stuck here…

He’s in trouble anyway as I did make it to the Canada Shop on Friday where I purchased 4 boxes of ridiculously overpriced Kraft Dinner (2 are already missing after we had dinner that night – don’t know where that appetite came from), and 2 bags of dill pickle chips. Would you not assume that if I bought two bags, one would be for me and one for him? Oh no, he ate both.

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