Monday, June 13, 2005

So still no scan or midwife appointment. I am still paranoid that actually nothing is happening and I would really like pretty much anything confirmed! If it is all on, then I am 11 weeks. If it isn’t, then I have spent 11 weeks depriving myself of things like sangria! Although I am depriving myself of many things just through intense food aversion to almost everything… have probably lost weight at this point.

Today, if it exists, the bean down there is in receipt of some allergy medication. It’s doctor prescribed, but I still don’t like doing it. However, what’s worse – allergy pills or steroids in inhalers? I’ve been using the inhalers loads because my allergies are stopping me breathing properly. Which the GP said in the beginning was a big problem to both of us.

I think I need to tell them at work this week as they are going to be wondering about my sudden increase in sick days and doctor visits. But I would just feel better about telling them something if I knew it was accurate! I just need confirmation and then we can tell everyone…

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