Friday, June 17, 2005

Okay completely bizarre evening.

I am meant to meet Anne, home for some r&r from Sudan for almost 2 weeks, and our other work colleagues for dinner at Carluccio’s (referenced in a previous post). Turns out that no one else that we usually meet with can come for various reasons like holidays and a poor old dog having to be put down. But, Mick, who used to work for Anne as an OT will be turning up. It’s a steamy night in London and we are fortunate to even have a table outside as the street is just packed with people happy to be sitting outside without freezing. Me, I’d prefer the freezing. But anyway.

Mick, I don’t know very well, but he’s a good guy. He’s even higher in my esteem after tonight as it turns out he has a Canadian partner. Kate turns up after a while to join us, and I had no idea she was Canadian. From Toronto but has been here for ages. But even weirder, they both worked at Whitby Psych, which is the crazy old hospital on Lake Ontario in the town I grew up (although now it’s a modern facility it used to consist of scary looking old house-type buildings with dark windows, plus at the time I was not exactly experienced in mental health!). And he starts talking about Tim Hortons and Canadian Tire. Well very strangely I had a very vivid dream last night that I stumbled across a Canadian Tire here somewhere near my house, went in to puruse the shelves, and thought to myself ‘oh DAMN I didn’t bring my Canadian Tire money!!’. I do have some here somewhere, I think Grace sent it to me… So that was just a bizarre mention of a random place in my head that I don’t expect to discuss here in London.

Anyway so 2 Canadians reminiscing, Anne telling stories of a very different life doing NGO work in Sudan, and what happens next?

No kidding –Bryan Adams turns up and grabs a table with a couple of mates at the back of the restaurant. I see this guy with a pock-marked face (as he has) walk up beside us, and I’m like ‘Kate is that not Bryan Adams?’ very excitedly. Alas she can not support my claim as she has lived in the UK since ’94 and apparently never watches tv. The other two have no idea either who he is or what he might look like in person. I began to question whether or not it was him, but then I took a trip to the loo and got a side shot and he looked like THIS exactly!! How bizarre! What is happening in the universe? I so wanted to say something to him but he was with some entourage heavily engrossed in conversation. What I would say to him I have no idea – not like I have ever even been a fan! But he’s an icon of course. I knew he lived here but I didn’t expect to see him in a very busy chain Italian restaurant that, let’s face it, is okay but is not the greatest.

How bizarre.

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