Sunday, June 19, 2005

So I’ve still not had any medical attention but not for lack of trying – after many emails, phone calls and complaining last week, Mark got me an appointment, at a different hospital than where we were meant to be going, on Wednesday. Turns out they did send me a letter with an appointment a week or two ago – to the wrong address that doesn’t exist. The next available appointment was like in July! 12 weeks now – and it’s not even confirmed or anything! So maybe it’s a 12 week old tumour?

Still getting sick though – Friday morning had to get off the tube for some air before I was ill all over people, and yesterday brought up some cherries and water particularly violently. So I can look back at these posts one day and go – wow, I was really obsessed with vomitting back then!

Heat, hayfever and asthma making things generally miserable too. It’d be nice if this would start to get fun…

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