Thursday, June 23, 2005

Finally – a ‘booking in’ midwife appointment today. Blood pressure fine, all’s well. Pee sample was a bit small but I didn’t have any breakfast before we went for the 8:30am start so oh well. It was a bit difficult getting the appointment but when we got there, they were all great – efficient in the excess for the NHS I think. But I think Mark speaking to the head of midwifery to get us in probably helped a bit.

Anyway, right after we had the first scan which is for dating purposes. Turns out there is a fetus/offspring/sprog in there after all! Saw it clearly on the screen, Mark saw the heartbeat super clearly and we saw it practically jump around when she dug the machine thing into my abdomen.

Only problem is that she gave us the crappiest photo of the scan ever! Oh well. Not really good for sharing though.

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