Thursday, June 30, 2005

I thought I wasn’t supposed to be sick anymore now I am in the second trimester? Was okay for a couple of days and then puked during teeth-brushing this morning. For no good reason. I spose I feel better overall in the day but this getting up to pee in the night thing means I am exceptionally crabby and tired in the morning (as if I wasn’t enough already).

I’m off chicken which is a big problem when that is my biggest protein source. So I hit the peanut butter even though I am not supposed to have nuts because they might cause allergies. But hey this kid is going to be full of allergies anyway, comes from a long line of allergic types, so what the hell. I need protein more than cake and ice cream which still goes down a treat.

There’s no bump yet (bit early for that) but I do feel like it’s hard to pull in my gut than before. People at work (that don’t know) probably just think I am bloated and eating too much.

Have had completely clear skin for 3 months, no acne at all, but suddenly a zit outbreak around my mouth and nose – why!? Oh yes because it’s wedding time soon and I need to have bad skin for the photos… argh…

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