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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Oooh came home from work (yes, working on my holiday, argh) to find Mark and his dad have done a great job sanding the floors. They look brilliant. Especially against the newly painted walls. Probably would have made sense to do this BEFORE he sold the house but what can you do.

Finished the work I had to do earlier than expected so hit the shops. Figured that I would try to get any Oxford Street shopping I needed to do out of the way so I don’t have to go into the centre again and I can focus on doing things at home. I think I accomplished it, also managed to get a few extra bits along the way. Bought earrings for wedding. Hit Confetti, the overpriced wedding store, one last time. Finished favour purchases, including an extra one for Mark’s cousins’ baby (not really fair for her to get candies and chocs!). And picked up an Old El Paso kit to reward the men with dinner for their hard work (plus Mexican seems to work for me right now).

The dog is discombobulated (this is Mark and I’s favourite word with her for some reason) because she’s been shut in the kitchen or outside all day, poor thing. And we keep getting visited by a fox! It’s a little baby one, scrawny and needing food. I even took some video of it the other day. It’s been here so often I think I need to name it. Piper actually chased it and barked at it today. I think it’s about the fifth time I’ve heard her use her bark in her whole life. She’s very quiet mostly.

Oh crap am missing Big Brother! Must run, it’s my only entertainment these days.