Saturday, July 2, 2005

Happy Canada Day. Turned out to be a bit much for me, with way too many people crammed into all the rooms at Canada House, but we were there for the important bits – comedian Phil Nichol (ex Corky and Juice Pigs, we’ve seen him a few times) cracking jokes, Mel Cappe the high comissioner speaking briefly, the anthem, the cutting of the cake, and the free drinks. Of course I was stuck with warm OJ instead of cold frosty beer (so okay I had a sip at one point as I was sweltering). We saw the Reduced Shakespeare Company do a mini bit and then a reduced Romeo and Juliet but left before musical acts like Kinnie Starr.

After that we sat for a bit at the front of the building reading Macleans’ magazines. I forgot how much smaller Canadian magazines are compared to UK ones – standard UK paper sizes are bigger, that’s why my resume actually fits well on 2 pages in this country!

It’s funny today, with Live 8 – all the other concerts are in the big idenitifiable around the world city centres. They have to keep explaining that it’s in Barrie, CANADA. I did see a clip of my new pal Bryan earlier on stage. Not much other coverage here unfortunately – focusing on London (clearly) and Philadelphia. Anyway, back to the story of last night…

We then went home where I tried to recover from feeling squashed, dehydrated and with sore feet. Oh what fun… (and pretty pathetic in the way of celebrating the national holiday). At least I wore my Sloan shirt (you know, ‘one thing I know about the rest of my life, I know that I’ll be living it in Canada). Luckily no one at work really read it.

The unphotogenic man’s tie was a hit again. Oh boy I look like crap too! But I felt like it.

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