Thursday, July 7, 2005

I was going to put some crass comment on here about how London Underground staff should start banning me from tube stations as I keep decorating them with vomit but in light of current events I think they have bigger things to worry about than me.

Yes I decorated a hallway at Green Park yesterday. But managed to alert staff to get a cleaner.

Public vomitting is really humilating. I never see anyone else doing it in the morning! Why only me?! They all probably think I am drunk… Oh I have so had enough of it.

In other news I seem to be getting a strange stretching feeling in my abdomen lately. Perhaps the bump is beginning… Mark told me he thought my stomach looked bigger but he sort of mumbled it apologetically as if I would get upset. Now if he had said ‘Oi, fatty what’s with the gut’ I would have been upset.

More people know at work but not quite everyone – I am swamped, and plus I am no good at the big announcement. Not into the attention. Email is much easier for me!

Today is good day overall as I managed to not get sick AND make dinner for the first time in about 2 weeks. Meat is not my friend right now so it was bean enchiladas – not bad at all. Cooking dinner used to be a joy and now it’s a nightmare of bad smells and textures. But today was okay.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Aww poor you – I’m so sorry that you’ve been barfy. 😦 The stretching feeling is pretty common in the second trimeseter as things start getting a lot heavier. So funny, I also went off meat for quite a bit of my pregnancy. Anyway, hope the nausea and morning sickness goes away soon! Hang in there!

  2. Baby Matthew's Mum Says:

    I went off meat too, until about 6 months then I was back on it with a vengeance! Congratulations, I discovered your website through Lisa’s. What is your due date?

  3. mother of the kid Says:

    Thanks for stopping in! EDD is 2nd January.
    I had some chicken this week – but now I am off it all again. Especially since getting so sick the last couple of days I can’t even imagine eating it.

  4. Baby Matthew's Mum Says:

    My EDD was 1st January! Mind you, Matthew didn’t make an appearance until 12th January. Hope the sickness is easing.

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