Thursday, July 7, 2005

Poor London. Yesterday it was euphoria – we actually won something, everyone was slagging the French off (as they do here anyway – but a bit more smugly than usual after Chirac’s comments), and even though the Olympics will probably be a nightmare to manage and all the extra people in the city, no one was thinking about it cause we were all really pleased.

Then today, someone decided things here shouldn’t work properly and some people should die – although we aren’t even getting very good information about what has happened. I took the tube and a bus to work this morning but obviously luckily it was at the right time. I have heard that a number 18 bus exploded from a staff member here, which is the bus I was on, but I haven’t seen it confirmed through any media.

I was in a management meeting this morning where they decided that business was more important than what was happening, but since then not very much is happening at work other than people finding landlines to use to call people as mobiles aren’t really working. I was lucky that Mark and I managed to actually talk on our mobiles this morning as he had been calling frantically to see if I was okay. One of the tube explosions where people are confirmed dead, at Edgware Road, is like walking distance from this office and I could have been there.

We can’t go anywhere right now, we’ve been told by the Council that all staff and students should stay in the buildings because it isn’t safe outside. All my staff are accounted for expect for one who doesn’t normally work Thursdays so I hope he will check in by email soon.

Mark is at Neasden depot (with the car, which is good) but also can’t go anywhere. They’ve had to move to a part of the building away from the tube trains in case there is any more bombs. But I am thankfully in the right part of town today, and not at my actual office in Victoria, as that would be much more difficult to get home from. If we can mobilise at some point today, it shouldn’t be that difficult for him to pick me up somewhere relatively near here.

One of my staff had ridden her bike to a meeting in Soho and she’s just shaken up about how quiet it all was. It’s very quiet here too, I don’t think there is any traffic outside right now. And none of the league of buses that would normally be going by.

So we will wait and see what we are supposed to do now… Bit difficult to get any work done though.

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  1. jamie Says:

    Oh Emma. I’m so glad that you posted this and that you guys are safe.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh I’m having a heart attack here – Thanks for posting. Get home safe – love you


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