Thursday, July 7, 2005

I appreciate all the emails and messages we are getting! It’s nice to know how many people are concerned. Mark picked me up from work about an hour ago and we just got in. Roads weren’t bad but as we didn’t have to get into the centre of town I think we managed to miss any pandemonium. Not actually sure if I should have left work or not but I had to take the opportunity to get the lift or I may have been walking 8-10 miles home…

Getting a bit more news now – not surprised by the numbers of casualities as you don’t really need a big device to use it to great effect if you are in a tube train in a tunnel or on a bus. To be honest it sounded worse first thing this morning – I had heard that buses were being blown up all over the place, which is when it was confirmed it was a terrorist attack and not the power surge they had explained it was earlier. So the bus I had been on was not hit, neither was the Jubilee line which is the one that runs to our house. Sounds like all the emergency plans they have in place here were used to great effect and it’s all gone according to plan. Although of course you never really want to use the plan when you write it, do you?

Mark’s dad is still in the centre so we may need to pick him up later. He’s been staying with us for a couple of days working for someone in Holborn as a consultant, so he will have been in the thick of it today. But he’s fine.

So back to watching the news, taking the dog for a walk, and life goes on…

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