Friday, July 8, 2005

We had two different messages this morning – ‘don’t make any effort to get into central London’ and ‘carry on as usual’. Well, Mark was going to Neasden by car and all my lines into work were running as normal so we went in. The Jubilee line was very quiet, as we all sat there reading Metro newspapers full of horrible stories and graphic images of what happened on the tubes and buses. Baker Street station was very quiet, where I get out to change to a bus. There were extra police around, and it was jarring to have two ambulances scream by as I waited for the bus.

We had a general staff meeting and BBQ today, and it was still going ahead as planned. There were probably more people there than I thought there would be. I got a few bits done but was planning to leave early anyway as I have some reports to write and wasn’t planning on hanging around at the BBQ all afternoon.

Mark called and said he was at his office that is right on top of the tracks at Edgware Road, and would I meet him there on my way home as he is going to have to go back to work tonight. More on that later.

I really wish I hadn’t met him there as it was completely awful. Edgware Road station was a bombing location yesterday. All the roads around the station are blocked off with large metal barriers, police tape and police standing guard. You can’t see anything near to the station entrance – thankfully. There were also flowers everywhere, and some media hanging around. More disturbing was the casual passerby with a camera or camcorder – not exactly what I would want to record for posterity. I could barely even look at it all. So I had to walk around the perimeter of the site to get around to his office, whereas we normally meet there in the doorway of the tube station. I realised the whole road was blocked off when I got around to the other side, to the door of his building. I’d emailed a colleague at an office on that road earlier today as I need to get some stats from her for an auditors’ report; I guess I will have a good excuse if I don’t get them in on time. I hope all at Voluntary Action Westminster are okay.

This is the one that is closest to home for us as we both use that station all the time – I’d just used it earlier this week to see another colleague at VAW for a lunch meeting, Mark is at the office there at least once a week, we both go to the M&S there. It’s quite close to much of my work with partners and others. It’s the only one that was hit in Westminster which is our patch; I almost never use any of the other stations, and I’ve probably never been on the number 30 bus.

So because of what happened yesterday, Mark has to audit some checks on tube train seats tonight from like 10pm to 5am. Apparently there is a big stink now about the fact that on some trains there is a seal that indicates whether or not a seat has been lifted up – with the possibility that something has been left in it. There isn’t any information that this is what happened on any of the tube trains with bombs – but the fact that it’s a vulnerability is highlighted. They’ve know for ages that it was, but haven’t really had the budget to do anything about it. Perhaps now.

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  1. Anne Says:

    So glad to hear you are safe and well…I suppose we were all waiting for this to happen.
    Sorry to hear that the good news of the addition to the family has caused you morning sickness problems.
    That article in CA mag was a travesty! all lies and she the writer was told that by Brian and asked not to publish such nonsense. She took out some but left in such rubbish…Brian has never seen a Bollywood film let alone visited the cinema in Nyala.

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